Welcome to Saba Home Builders

We believe in service, quality and excellence. Our goal is to make your homebuilding experience effortless from the moment we sit down for your first consultation to the moment we hand you the keys to your new home, and beyond.


Reliable home building for 35 years. We are not just building houses.

We are building dreams.



During the home building process we pride ourselves on being extremely accessible to our clients. Our team will work around the clock to be available to answer questions, address concerns and provide solutions we aim to make your home building endeavor seamless and comforting every step of the way. Additionally, our service to you goes far beyond the turn of the key. When you work with us, you’re not simply a client, you are part of the family, and we believe in taking care of our family. That is why we provide a 24-hour call line that is available to you for as long as you own a Saba Built Home.



For over 40 years, Saba Home builders has earned an incredible reputation for excellence and service in new home building in Northwest Ohio. Craftsmanship, exceptional quality and personal attention is the foundation upon which we thrive. Additionally, we are a home grown company and a large number of our staff and contractors have lived and worked in Northwest Ohio for many years. We know the area! And we will work with you to not only build you an amazing home, but to also build it for you in a location that suits yours and your family’s needs and preferences.



At Saba Home Builders, we strive to create homes with your lifestyle in mind. We believe that creating a nice looking home is only half of the journey. Our goal is to also create a home that is practical and functional for you and your family. Our team has created a number of innovative options to consider during the planning and building process.



When it comes to construction, Saba Home Builders believe in quality above all. We use only the highest grade of materials and operate at the most comprehensive level of quality control. We check, and double-check, every single process down to the most minute detail.

While we take great pride in the exterior design and interior finishes of our homes, we believe that the true mark of quality is in the aspects of the home you don’t see. We strive to create homes that stand up under the test of time, and will do everything possible to ensure your Saba Built home meets the highest standards.